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Office of General Counsel

The General Counsel provides legal advice and representation to administrators, faculty, and staff regarding federal and state laws and regulations, and University policies and procedures, as well as other legal matters arising from the business operations of Illinois State University.

The purpose of this site is to orient members of the University community to the office and the services we provide. We also provide links to other sites containing University policies and offer other information regarding legal issues affecting Illinois State University. We always welcome your feedback about this site and ways in which we can better serve the University.

The Office of General Counsel has published this Web site for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific legal advice. Legal advice can be provided only in the course of an attorney-client relationship with reference to all the facts of a specific situation. This information, therefore, must not be relied on as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a licensed attorney. The Office of General Counsel makes no guarantees, express or implied, concerning the accuracy of the content.

Student's Attorney

The Office of General Counsel cannot provide legal advice to students or employees about personal legal issues or to persons with claims adverse to the University. Students requiring legal advice should contact the Student's Attorney located in the Dean of Student’s Office in the Bone Student Center.

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