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Data Custodians

The University maintains data in a variety of forms. The primary Custodian of Records for the University is the President; the Assistant to the President serves as the University's Public Records Officer. The President has delegated responsibility for certain records to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost for all academic records; the Vice President for Finance and Planning for all general administrative and fiscal records; and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement for all foundation and alumni records.

The President and Vice Presidents further delegate the responsibility for defining, managing, and granting access to University records and data to various administrative “Data Custodians.” The Data Custodian for any set of University data is that person given executive responsibility for defining, managing, and granting access to any given set of University records, in paper or electronic form. A current list of key campus data custodians is provided below. Please also review our data policies with regard to the different forms of data.